No one likes to talk about money, but at Smart Parks we believe in no-nonsense and transparency. As a non-for profit organisation financial affairs can be a challenge and currently we are in need of financial support. On this page we elaborate on how the financial side of Smart Parks is organised and why we need funding.


Financially, 2021 has been challenging. The diversification of our activity portfolio has paid off and we have generated 250k revenue from deployments, sensors, and training. This means that we were able to cover 80% of our operating costs. However, to continue our mission, financial support remains crucial to finance our research and development projects, to provide affordable solutions to our conservation partners and to safeguard the continuity of our mission.

At Smart Parks we don’t believe in traditional economic models and if we can avoid it, we will stay away from them. We think it is wrong to make a profit on behalf of wildlife protection. Financial gain should not be the incentive.

We are not just a supplier of products. We work with organisations on project basis.


How are our projects financed?

Why does Smart Parks not put a marge on the products?

How are the prices of the products determined?

Why are the Smart Parks products not cheap?

What does Smart Parks need?