2022 – Black Rhino Eartag deployment

At Lilongwe Wildlife Centre a black rhino is re-tagged for monitoring purposes with a Smart Parks eartag

2022 – ElephantEdge // Hackster Café

Tim van Dam and Adam Benzion (Edge Impulse) talk about technology conserving worlds gentle giants

2022 – Elephant collaring in Gonarezhou, Zimbabwe

The first ElephantEdge tracker to be deployed in the field in collaboration with Gonarezhou and FZS 

2021 – Tech Tutor lecture for

How to get started with the OpenCollar Edge trackers, developed under by Tim van Dam

2021 – The Things Conference

Adam Benzion from Edge Impulse and Tim talk about LoRaWAN wildlife trackers powered by Machine Learning

2021 – ElephantEdge powered by EdgeImpulse

Smart Parks, IRNAS, EdgeImpulse and joined forces to design the most advanced wildlife tracker 

2021 – Discussing ElephantEdge

Adam Benzion, Rex St. John, Sarah Maston and Tim discuss how technology can help to protect elephants

2021 – clip from dutch tv-program Atlas, NPO

In National Park Zuid-Kennemerland, Ariet Bouman explains the Smart Parks system (dutch spoken)

2021 – Elephant collaring Koro, Botswana

The deployment of a LoRaWAN elephant collar in collaboration with the Timbo Afrika Foundation 

2021 – Trailer Smart Parks documentary “What it Takes”

A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine the value of a full documentary – to be released soon

2020 – Interview at The Things Conference

Co-founder Tim van Dam talks about the Smart Parks mission and the elephant and rhino trackers

2020 – Deployment with CCF, Namibia

Short clip of highlights from the deployment in collaboration with the Cheetah Conservation Fund 

2020 – Presentation The Things Conference

Presentation by Luka Mustafa from IRNAS on end-to-end solutions from raw components to sensors in the field

2019 – LoRa-based wildlife protection

Video created by Semtech Corporation about how LoRa applications assist in wildlife protection

2019 – The Things Conference

Co-Founder Laurens de Groot talks about wildlife protection using LoRaWAN at the TTN conference 2019

2019 – Wildlabs lecture Laurens de Groot virtual meetup on networked sensors for security and wildlife conflict prevention

2019 – Shuttleworth Foundation application

For his Shuttleworth Foundation application (a slightly younger 😉 Tim explains the Smart Parks solution

2018 – The Tech Interactive on Smart Parks

Video created by the Tech Interactive under their The Tech for Global Good initiative

2018 – Smart Parks system in Mkomazi, Tanzania

Tony Fitzjohn from GAWPT explains why protecting rhino and wildlife, with the help of technology, is crucial

2017 – Smart Parks system in Mkomazi, Tanzania

Smart Parks solution installed in Mkomazi by Internet of Life in collaboration with ShadowView Foundation

2016 – TEDx Talks on ShadowView

Laurens de Groot talks about how he started the ShadowView Foundation to protect endangered species


2022Gonarezhou, Zimbabwe

2021Luwire, Mozambique

2021Koro, Botswana


2022Het fd “Het oerwoud krijgt een eigen alarm systeem” (Dutch)

2020Nature Today “Wisent voor het eest gezinderd met slimme halsband: een grote stap voor natuurbescherming” (Dutch)

2020Het AD “De sensor die neushoors redt: Smart Parks wil stropers de pas afsnijden met technologie” (Dutch)

2019Cisco blog “Innovation: techno-conservation converging on a Modular Reference Architecture”

2019Universiteit Utrecht blog “Eerste Europese Smart Parks in Europa” (Dutch)

2018Emerce “Smart Parks: Nederlandse startup gebruikt IoT om dieren te beschermen” (Dutch)

2017Het AD “Wereldnatuurfonds beloont slim Utrechts plan voor natuurbescherming” (Dutch)

2017RTV Utrecht “Olifantenplan Utrechter bekroond by WNF-Wedstrijd” (Dutch)


2022Geneva Graduate Institute podcast about how sensor technology is used in wildlife conservation

2021Radio uitzending NTR focus waar Tim praat over wildlife tech en zijn favoriete nummers (Dutch)

2020 – The Things Podcast an interview with Tim van Dam talking about the wildlife trackers

2017Radio uitzending BNNVARA Vroege Vogels na het winnen van de Human Wildlife Tech Challenge (Dutch)