We are happy to announce our partnership with the Rompa Group. Rompa will help Smart Parks to design and produce the next version of wildlife collars and asset trackers to trace, observe and protect wildlife.

Rompa Group

The specialists at the Rompa Group deliver plastic parts, (sub)assemblies and fully finished products with inbuilt electronic components as well as plastic packaging solutions, servicing several markets. Rompa is a company with a global presence and a firm foundation in western Europe – where they have been around since 1881. Rompa wants to help companies like Smart Parks to achieve success with top-grade plastic products.

The cooperation

Rompa will help to design and produce the next version of the Lion collar and Asset tracker. Both current versions are listed in our catalog. For the past years Smart Parks, in collaboration with our partner IRNAS, has been innovating these trackers and we have not made the step towards higher volume production yet, to ensure no outdated stock build-up took place. With the help of Rompa, now is the time to re-design the enclosures so that these sensors are ready for the next level. Due to our continued innovations here at Smart parks, we do not keep items in stock, which means that production takes place on demand. This way of producing poses no problem for Rompa’s facility in China. With, for example the use of their SMED method, production processes can be switched very rapidly, and delivery times are no longer than 1 to 3 months from a Smart Parks order to the clients.

So, what are the benefits of this new design?

• Easier to produce and assemble
• Better antenna performance
• Suitable for multiple species of animals
• Durable BioThane belting, made from polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating, making it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable
• Contains different modules for many configurations, which offers a variety of uses suitable for a wide range of cases

Another great benefit of this new design is that, as the Smart Parks technology is part of the OpenCollar initiative, the design is available to everybody! We would be excited to see others copying the design and starting production, because in the end it is our mission to protect wildlife.

We are very pleased with this collaboration as both Rompa and Smart Parks have the same vision in terms of improving technology, and all this for the great purpose of protecting wildlife worldwide.

Lion collar

Asset tracker

Sustainability and innovation

Rompa Group aims to simplify the production processes for the Smart Parks products. A simpler production process means savings costs, in return Smart Parks can offer the products at a lower price. Therefore, the products become accessible and within budget of national parks and other clients, meaning that more animals can be monitored and protected. Besides helping to create an easier production process, Rompa will also consider sizes, weights and materials used. Imagine a lightweight and small traceable collar, which means that the animals will be less affected by wearing the collars. And, in line with Rompa Group’s vision, they will use eco-friendly technologies and sustainable materials to help improve the Smart Parks collars.

Would you like to know more about this collaboration with Rompa and Smart Parks? Or would you like more information about the product design? Don’t hesitate to contact us!