IMPORTANT NOTE: We will soon be releasing the new High Voltage Fence Probe based on the RangerEdge. This new model will be called FenceEdge. This old model is no longer in production.

The OpenCollar Tracking System consist of different modules that can be combined into several different configurations, depending on the use case. The High Voltage Fence Monitoring Probe device can be attached to an electric fence that is charged by an energizer. The device can then report the pulse voltage on a fixed interval (every 10 minutes for example) and features a rechargeable battery that can achieve years of battery life.

– GPS position tracking
– Remote configurable settings
– LoRaWAN connectivity with integrated antenna
– Integrated temperature sensor for device monitoring
– Integrated device battery monitoring
– Integrated high accuracy accelerometer with motion event detection
– Real-time monitoring with daily status updates
– Long-life device with years of battery life under normal conditions
– Rechargeable battery
– Fully encapsulated device suitable to withstand harsh outdoor conditions
– Simple installation
– Compatible with LoRaWAN networks worldwide